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You name it we have it: Carpet, Vinyl Plank, Hardwood, Funky Lino, Tile, Cork, Commercial Flooring & more!

Vinyl Plank & Vinyl Tile: Rapidly replacing almost every other flooring type this solid vinyl flooring is the most resilient and versatile product on the market and all of the major manufacturers have their version of it in great wood & tile styles. Waterproof, scratch resistant, easy clean, long lasting & affordable – this flooring is here to stay and Studio 222 Calgary carries a huge selection of styles & colours.

Carpet & Carpet Tile: There is still and always will be a place for carpet in the home – warmth in a cool basement, soft underfoot in the bedroom and still (we think) the best for stairs – carpet has come a long way since your Grandmother’s rose plush or orange shag! With stain resistance, durability and style forward innovation todays carpet is a great flooring option. From Loop to Lush; wool to nylon – its all here at Studio 222 Calgary.

Hardwood: Wide plank, Engineered, Solid, Prefinished, Site Finished, Species Galore! Warm & natural: Hardwood floors are always in style!

Resilient (AKA LINO): Some of the styles available now are surprisingly fabulous and always functional and cost effective. A great alternative for busy families and pet lovers.

Cork: Warm, stylish and eco friendly (did you know that cork bark is actually carefully harvested without hurting the tree!) A different floor that fits all styles.

Porcelain Tile & Natural Stone: For floor & wall, backsplash & feature walls – the sky is the limit for design ideas with tile and stone!

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